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HR Business Intelligence

HR analytics, also called talent analytics, is the application of sophisticated data mining and business analytic (BA) techniques to human resources (HR) data. The goal of HR Analytics is to help businesses access, analyze and visualize HR data, and then communicate those insights in meaningful dashboards and metrics. Most importantly, organizations can leverage these insights to make meaningful workforce planning decisions.

As part of TSSI’s talent development solution expansion, we are developing a Talent Dashboard that will allow our customers to:

Join Data from Multiple Sources

Our solution is designed to interface with PeopleSoft and other HR applications to centralize all HR data into meaningful and customizable dashboards – this integration of data from different sources compiled into a single repository provides a powerful means with which organizations can have all of their data centralized to make truly meaningful workforce decisions.

Share Interactive Dashboards

Everyone in your organization can access insights, build upon existing reports, and work with a single version of truth. Our tool provides organizations a very cost-effective way to fully leverage their existing application investments to drive business decisions based on the available data they already capture. The talent dashboard:

  • provides the viewer with a high level visual summary of what their workforce looks like today.
  • provides breakdowns of the workforce by age, positions and skill set and an array of other selectable criteria.
  • gives users the ability to filter dynamically, allowing the user to focus on a desired skill set, age or other criteria.
  • provides key point indicators such as the number of employees, positions available, filled.
  • helps drive recruitment and succession planning efforts and execute corporate/business strategy

The tool also provides these common benefits and uses. You will be able to:

  • improve organizational performance through high quality talent related decisions.
  • forecast workforce requirements and utilization for improved business performance.
  • identify the primary reasons for attrition and identify high-value employees.
  • manage applicants in better way on basis of qualification for a specific position.
  • enable HR departments to quantify their ability to achieve corporate goals.


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